See your sleeping baby with
Simple Nanny

Works everywhere: on WiFi, LTE, 3G, etc.

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Baby monitor app? It's easy!

You don't have to buy any additional devices or cameras - just use your old / spare phone, install the Simple Nanny application on it and place it near the sleeping child.

Install Simple Nanny app on two phones

Use your phone and old / spare phone - the latter will act as a camera

Set one phone near the child

Connect one phone to the charger and place it close to where your baby is sleeping

Watch and hear your baby on the second phone

You will be able to see and hear your baby on your phone, and you will also be notified when your baby wakes up


Live video & audio

Noise detection

Night vision

Lullaby & white noise

Baby wake up notifications

Baby voice recognition

Talking to your baby

Audio & visual notification

Low battery notification

Multiple parental

Monitoring in WiFi, LTE, 3G, etc.

Easy to setup & use

Simple Nanny is your baby monitor app

Simple Nanny will notify you immediately if your baby wakes up

With your phone you can remotely:

  • Lull your baby again with your voice
  • See your baby at any time
  • Hear your baby's voice
  • Monitor that everything is ok

Use cases

Simple Nanny will help you to watch over your sleeping baby:

  • When you went out to your neighbor for a moment
  • When you party with your friends in another room
  • When you have to work while your baby is sleeping
  • And in many other cases

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